Thursday, May 13, 2010

Being taken for a ride

Something inside of me says that BP/Transocean/Haliburton and anyone else involved in the Gulf Oil Spill is taking Louisiana's citizens for a ride.

It's been almost a month since the explosion. Thousands of people have been yanked back and forth in the shrimp season open/shrimp season closed. Same with oysters, crabs, fishing.

I'm tired of BP's daily updates on what they've spent so far.

And I'm afraid that our fisher people are going to get screwed by big bidness, probably with the help of MMS. After all, BP and MMS have partied and had sex together, so they're good buddies, aren't they?

BP has proven their wiley ways by preying upon the Asian fisher people through provision of training in english, not considering that nearly half of their class of Asian fishers don't speak english. Where are you Spencer Aronfeld?

Our coastal residents are being told that the air quality is good, yet people are suffering from symptoms that weren't present three weeks ago.

I feel that there are more wildlife annihilations than those that are being reported.

I can smell a huge coverup.

Like Katrina, this is bigger than politics, but the politicians - outside of the affected states - don't care unless it concerns them.

It's very frustrating here, where hundreds of ideas come in on how to clean up the coast. Those suggestions cannot be taken into consideration until BP/Coast Guard approval. Anyone who's worked for corporate America knows how long the approval process is.

I'm at the point where I want to scream until my voice is gone.

Oh, and there's a lovely stench of oil outside my backdoor, mixing with the 85% humidity. Ugh.

Pray for us!

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