Friday, May 07, 2010

Another Friday, another odor in the air

It's four a.m. and I just walked out onto the patio to be greeted by the smell similar to burning crayons. My guess is that they're doing small in situ burning of the oil in the Gulf.

It's been more than two weeks since the blast that created this muck out in the Gulf. Every day I grow more and more depressed as I do my daily check of the current trajectory map of the oil spill. It looks worse each day and we've had a relatively calm week weather wise.

I recognize my emotions as similar to those post Katrina. A lot of anger and a boatload of sadness for both the fishers affected by this and the mass annihilation of wildlife. I pray that our estuaries are safe.

Yesterday's anger was focused on the fact that oil reached the Chandeleur Islands , a very small group of what appears to be large sandbars from a plane. There weren't enough booms to go around to protect these islands.

I'm angry over how the Asian fishers are being treated, but glad that there is a young lawyer helping in their plight. Spencer Aronfeld has been interviewed on WWL radio for few mornings this week and he's detailed how his clients are being treated by BP and how he intends to correct that.

Time to get to work. Wondering how strong the buring crayon smell will be at the spaceship factory. which is relatively close to the Gulf.

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Spencer Aronfeld said...

Judy: I cannot tell you how touched I am to have been mentioned in your blog. The last week I spent in Buras was perhaps the most rewarding of my legal career.

Yet, at the same time probably the most frustrating. Lawyers are fighting lawyers, charities are fighing charities and all the while the Vietnames, Cambodian and American (I dislike the distinction since they are all American) fisherman starve.

I have seen the best and worse of our species in the last week. I will say that some of your policticians like your Parish Preseident and Linda Banta are working hard to help, others cannot be bothered.

I am pleased to return to Plaquemines Parish to continue to help those in need.

Yes, I am a lawyer. And I know that is a title of dubious distinction in some parts of Plaquemines Parish, but I am proud of it. My journey was not alone. I had the guidance of a lovely Vietnamese family who asked for my help and a Cambodian fisherwoman. And of course, Dr. Shezad Malik of Dallas, who called me in the first place.

I have posted a number of videos of the week on my You Tube Channel ARONFELD.TV

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