Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Nearly five years after Hurricane Katrina, when many places are
finally showing signs of healing, we are faced with a tragedy that
we cannot stop. All we can do is prepare for it.

My condolences go out to the families and friends of the eleven workers
who are presumed dead as a result of the explosion of the oil rig

Deepwater Horizon on April 20th.
I can't imagine the pain they are experiencing.

One week after the blast, the sunken rig is still spewing oil at the rate of
42 thousand gallons a day from 5,000 feet under water.
If crews cannot stop the leak quickly, they might need to drill another well to redirect the oil, a process that could take about two months while oil washes up along a broad stretch of shore, from the white-sand beaches of Florida's Panhandle to the swamps of Louisiana.

You can track the oil spill at this website.

It's predicted that - even though conditions are in our favor today - the oil could be close to
landfall by the end of this week.

We could use a meteorlogical miracle.


oyster said...

"We could use a meteorlogical miracle."

Amen! Last night I cooked up some LA shrimp. Probably the last time I do so for a while.

bayoucreole said...

So, so true.