Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mr. Hayward? Screw You

From the New York Times today

Earlier on Wednesday, Tony Hayward, BP’s chief executive, described the spilled oil as very light, like “iced tea,” and only one-tenth of a millimeter thick, as thin as a human hair.

“We will be judged primarily on the strength of our response,” said Mr. Hayward, who is in southwest Louisiana.

Sorry, Tony. We don't buy the description of the size. As of tonite it's being described as the size of Jamaica What you saw was from space. What WE ARE GOING TO SEE is going to be on our coastline. It is going to DEVASTATE our seafood industry. It is going to RUIN our wildlife refuges when the "iced tea" oil slick washes ashore. Louisiana already has an extremely strong dislike for you and your company, Mr. Hayward based on your slow-as-a-tortoise response to this tragedy. But we DO appreciate that you had your people add the "iced tea" reference for us 'ignorant' Southerners. You have no idea of the possibilities of how deep we can go in our anger towards fuckmooks like you.

The explosion happened on April 20th. You tried to plug the spewing well for a week when you realized that "oh shit! the winds are going to be shifting in the Gulf of Mexico". As if that doesn't happen every other day, you moron! Know your territory, Tony!

Tony, the 'strength of your response' ain't nothing if this monster comes ashore in the Gulf Coast.

Your response isn't going to help the more than four hundred species in harm's way because of your "mistake".

From the above link The area under threat produces the largest total seafood landings in the lower 48 states, is a vital wintering or resting spot for more than 70 percent of the nation's waterfowl, is used by all 110 neo-tropical migratory songbirds, and produces 50 percent of the nation's wild shrimp crop, 35 percent of its blue claw crabs and 40 percent of its oysters. Ressearchers say 90 percent of all the marine species in the Gulf of Mexico depend on coastal estuaries at some point in their lives, and most of those estuaries are in Louisiana -- endangered by an oil spill that could last months.

Just when we where coming out of the darkness of Katrina's wrath.

Update 9PM CST 4/28/10:
Mr Hayward is passing the buck, saying the rig's owner is at fault for the explosion ! At this point in time I think what's more important is WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE AS A RESULT OF THIS EXPLOSION. We can sort the rest out later, idiots.

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jeffrey said...

Mary Landrieu repeated the "iced tea" gag on the radio this morning while telling us all to "remain calm" Really have to wonder who she works for sometimes.