Sunday, April 11, 2010

FQ Fest 2010

This was from the ACF (American Culinary Chefs) Booth in Woldenberg Park. Shrimp and white beans. Delish!

We had a wonderful time at this years French Quarter fest. The weather was unbelievably perfect (i.e. humidity levels in the 50's, temps in the 70's). Learning from past experiences, we left Slidell at around 9 A.M. and found great $10 parking on the corner of Decatur and Elysian Fields. This was just a block from the U.S. Mint, where some great happenings would take place later in the day.

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Lookin like FQF may be going the way of Jazz Fest with their restrictions.

I'm not sure of the distance between the U.S. Mint and Woldenberg Park (next to the Aquarium of the Americas), but we made two round trips. So we walked off all of the food we sampled.

One hint to those of you who would like to attend French Quarter Fest and avoid the crowds: go early and leave early! As I intimated above, we arrived in NOLA about ten aye em, found fantastic parking and ventured out from the old U.S. Mint, through the French Quarter Market and on onto the Moon Walk (named after the very-future mayor Mitch Landrieu's dad, Moon), where we enjoyed the breezes emanating from the River all the way to the Aquarium. The crowds were managable and the atmosphere enjoyable.

Once we hit the fest, we commenced eating. Here are some of the fantastic foods we shared in no particular order

Restaurant Carmelo's Italian Sausage Poboy. Incredibly tasty

Court of Two Sisters Turtle Soup with Sherry. I could drink a quart of this stuff!

The Crepe Cart Strawberry & Nutella Crepe. Delectable.

My daughter enjoying a nectar snowball. How New Orleans is dat?

Rouse's excellent boiled crawfish.

Rouses sponsored the crawfish eat off. The winner was to eat as much of a 10 pound portion of crawfish in 10 minutes as he/she could.

The winner was this tiny Asian girl, she ate 6.5 pounds of mudbugs in 10 minutes.

Crawfish Fabric! Who'd a known? LOL

Jackson Square around 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

One of the finest part of the day was FINALLY meeting NOLA blogger Lance Vargas in person.....

I purchased some great stuff from Varg. All of you people who enjoy folk art, check out his website at leveeland creations or check out his great blog at The Chicory dot com.


Anonymous said...

I think the music gets better every year.

bayoucreole said...

I'm so glad you was awesome.