Thursday, January 21, 2010

How the press gets it wrong again...

Billy Sothern-a criminal defense attorney and writer in New Orleans-and the author of "Down in New Orleans: Reflections from a Drowned City."
Nola Nik: Billy's on Today. discusses how the press is inconsistent in telling the stories in Haiti....just as they were in New Orleans after Katrina. A good read. Here is an excerpt:

While I admire some of the reporting I have seen from Haiti and feel like I am getting a picture of what is happening there (while having to hold back tears at the horror of some of the things that I am seeing), it is worth remembering that there will be things, like the "Babies Getting Raped in the Superdome" story after Hurricane Katrina, that may not hold up under the clear light of day, which will hopefully come soon for Port-au-Prince and Haiti.

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