Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helping Haiti

This area, which shares a diverse cultural treasure trove with the devastated country of Haiti now has one more thing in common: coping with unbelievable disaster.

I'm not trying to compare the Katrina and the horrific 7.0 earthquake that hit the country two days ago, along with dozens of aftershocks. But after listening to the news this morning and crying - knowing we now share in the aftermath experience of waiting for help while our fellow citizens suffer and die.

The logisitics of disaster assitance are far more difficult for Haiti. The country has no heavy machinery and must rely upon it to be air dropped or shipped in. Keep these people in your prayers. So many are suffering.

The most important donation a person can make now is the donation of cold, hard cash.
Due to the technological advances of social networking, you can donate thru your cell phone and the donation is added to your bill.

Mark over at Toulouse Street mentions how to donate via Wyclef Jean's website here.

Architecture for Humanity is supporting rebuilding efforts at this website .

It's looking like the Red Cross is getting all the biggie donations. If you would like to donate to them , here's the website. But heads up. The CEO for the Red Cross - Gail J. McGovern - earns a salary of $565,000. (thanks to Lisa/Loki for the link to a great website called Charity Navigator , where you can check out all charities).

On the same hand, there's a Charity called Hope for Haiti, whose charter states " to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children, through education, nutrition, and health care." Their CEO makes 53K/year.

People short on cash can donate their frequent flyer miles.

Here's a site that lists seven reputable charities to donate to. You can check them out at Charity Navigator dot org.

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