Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jeff Parish Voters need to research

I don't think I would give even a $5 donation to Aaron Broussard and his boy Tim Whitmer . But I live in a different parish and am not aware of the reasons that these two gentlemen deserve the support they get, given their ethical backgrounds.


swampwoman said...

This latest Louisiana good-old-boys installment reeks of Huey Long's tactics of extorting money from state employees, and former agriculture commissioner Bob Odom implementing mandatory overtime on his employees to build a sugar cane plant in rural Louisiana.

One example, JP decided last year they were going to DOUBLE the property taxes on residents. Plenty people protested and got their taxes lowered. Not sure exactly who benefits from all the property tax revenue: maybe its just the Sheriff's department, and the parish is supported by sales taxes and other sources of revenue, but there is no way any of them were getting any more scratch out the residents.

Also, there is no apathy in JP residents - they are outraged and have been showing up in droves to council meetings and posting loud objections to those at the trough since this came to the surface.

Its just a matter of time before Letten comes a knockin' - Whitmer is the fall guy, and Aaron is going to follow, regardless of how much he cries.

judyb said...

I hope both Broussard and Whitmer get what they deserve. thanks for the response and the link.