Monday, October 05, 2009

2009 VOW Festival

It's time again for the Voice of the Wetlands Festival at the beautiful Southdown Plantation in scenic Houma Louisiana!

We attended a few years ago and enjoyed the music. The food could've been better, though.

President of the VOW, Louisiana born bluesman Tab Benoit has been putting on this fest since right before Katrina, when he realized how fast the Louisiana Wetlands were disappering and decided to bring this tragedy to a national audience. VOW is just one outlet. Tab performs over 300 days a year across the country to bring this news to anyone who'll listen.

There's a great musical lineup found here and lots of hotel rooms in Houma if you want to spend the night. Unfortunately, hubby and I will be on our East Coast Roadtrip this weekend, so can someone go for us and let us know if the food got better?

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Anonymous said...

Yall better cancel and come to VOW fest instead!