Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, talented thespian Patrick Swayze is gone.

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One of my most favorite roles that Swayze played was as Vida Bohemme in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar . He played a man (excuse me if I don't get this right) in drag so eloquently that you could believe that the people in the film BELIEVED that he was a woman.

From wikipedia:
After entering a local "drag queen of the year" contest in New York City, Noxeema Jackson (Wesley Snipes) and Vida Bohemme (Patrick Swayze) win a trip to Hollywood to take part in an even bigger, national drag queen contest. pictures here Before they depart, Vida persuades Noxeema to take along the inexperienced 'drag princess' Chi-Chi Rodriguez (John Leguizamo) as their protégé (the duo initially refer to Chi-Chi simply as a "boy in a dress" rather than as a fully-fledged drag queen). In order to do this, they trade in their airplane tickets for cash and buy a stylish but old Cadillac convertible with money given to them by John Jacob (Robin Williams) and the three of them set off for Los Angeles by car.

I love this movie and I'll miss Patrick Swayze's talents. His passing has made me very sad. May he rest in peace.

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