Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Knowledge is power.

It's unbelievable the rabid pitch that the "Death Panelers" (one of them is Sarah Palin, which is certainly no surprise to me) have stooped to regarding the current health care reform activity taking place across the country. I find it extremely distasteful that this Tea Party group would stoop so low as to scare the elderly. But of course this was done during Kathleen Blanco's run for governor, wasn't it?. So it is a bipartisan dirty politic kind of thing.

I truely wish that all of the people who believe everything that's told to them about the health care reform would do their homework. With access to the internet, it's not too difficult to find the bill itself and read through it. Here's the link to all 1,015 pages:

It's in "pdf" format, so if you don't have it you'll have to download adobe.

There is a very bright young woman named Adriana Maxwell out of Atlanta who is in the process of reading the bill. She's sharing her interpretation of the bill at a neat website I just found today called ireport dot com. Here she is seen discussing the first 150 pages. Of course it is her interpretation, but I would believe her before ever listening to some of these wackos that show up at the town hall meetings taking place this month.

Actually I find it quite amusing to see some of thes pompous asses in the congress and senate having to put up with the stresses of a hostile audience. They need a little taste of life in the trenches.

For more myth debunking, go to this link.


MAD said...

Judy, I enjoy your blog. However, on the healthcare reform issue, I would submit that just as much misinformation is coming from the left and the halls of Congress than from the people at the townhall meetings. It is unfair for you to participate in the trashing of your fellow concerned citizens. This is a very complicated subject, and you cannnot fault a citizen for not really knowing what
HB3200 says or intends to say. But their fears and concerns are real, not contrived, and are quite justified.

Anonymous said...

Would do them a world of good.

judyb said...

I'm not "trashing my fellow concerned citizens". I'm trashing the people that are there trying to whip innocent people into a frenzy with their unfounded claims. These people are not concerned citizens, they're plants from the insurance companies and other concerned big business types. The same ones who appeared 16 years.