Saturday, August 22, 2009

American Zombie

My personal congrats to Ashe' Dambala over at the American Zombie blog for being the 2009 recipient of the Ashley Morris award.

From the Rising Tide blog, the award is named in honor of the late Ashley Morris,. It is awarded to a NOLA blogger who passionately works to defend and improve New Orleans through their actions and blogging.

Ashley Morris passed away at a young age in 2008. As a New Orleans blogger Ashley represented the true spirit of someone who loved the city of New Orleans with such a fierce spirit untouched by anyone else. The American Zombie blog is constantly digging into the politics in and around New Orleans to bring all of the scuzzbucketry to the light of day.

Thanks for all you do, Dambala. You deserve this honor.


Kelly said...

Were you there today?!!! I didn't get to meet you ... or did I and didn't put two and two together. Next year :)

judyb said...

nope, I was here in Slidell all day.

I just followed the tweets.