Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Esteemed Legislature

This is probably the stupidest thing to be allowed during a Legislative session.
The State wanted to honor 'Hurricane Chris' for all of his recent success by giving him the floor of the state House of Representatives for a few minutes. Hurricane Chris is the godson of Shreveport Representative Barbara Norton.

Representative Austin Badon said when Chris Dooley, Jr., known by the stage name "Hurricane Chris," performed his song "Halle Berry (She's Fine)" Wednesday, he really couldn't understand what he was singing. But when Badon came across the song while scanning the radio dial later that day, what he heard made him angry.

"The words they were using in the song were just extremely derogatory, they were foul," Badon told WWL First News. "They were curse words, using the 'N' word. It was just a derogatory song."

The lyrics can be found at this site.

Here is the video, entitled "loony looziana legislature reaches a new low". I find it embarassing. Don't know who allowed this, but they should be shot.

Here's a link to an editorial citing Representative Norton's ignorant decision to allow this.

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