Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scuzzbuckets of the Week

I don't know whether I want to cry or throw up regarding this story.

Metairie parents arrested for cruelty to juveniles and desertion.

In one of their headlines, nola dot com described the two children as "feral" due to
the fact that they can't speak.

Nicolette Brady, 35, and Chad Lee, 34, were jailed on charges of cruelty to juveniles and child desertion. Brady also was booked with resisting arrest. The children were placed in the custody of their grandmother.

The Sheriff's Office received an anonymous telephone complaint about children in the apartment Sunday afternoon. Neighbors, who would not identify themselves, confirmed that the children often were left unattended in diapers and had no language skills.

The agency's incident report said Deputy Shenandoah Jones found the boy and girl "hanging" out of an open window about 1 foot off the ground. He tried to talk to the children but noted "neither would speak" and "they apparently didn't understand" what he was saying. Jones also watched as the boy began rocking a dresser that almost fell on him.

the one-bedroom apartment's floor soaked with water. Jones described a swarm of gnats and flies in the kitchen and cockroaches throughout the apartment, the report said. A layer of black mold covered most surfaces, including the water in the toilet. Jones noticed no food in the refrigerator and several exposed outlets with electrified wires in the kitchen.
The children were covered in small scabs and cuts that paramedics later identified as bites from mosquito and mites, the report said.

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