Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scuzzbucket of the Week

Between the holidays and much O/T at work, I haven't had much time to post, but this story could not be ignored

from the Weekly Vice website :

Shannon N. Cooper, a 21-year-old Louisiana woman was arrested Tuesday after fracturing her 3-week-old son's skull twice by throwing the child across the room.

According to the Parish County Sheriff's Office, deputies first learned about the abuse after staff from Ochsner Medical Center contacted them last Thursday about a newborn boy that was in intensive care.

The child was rushed by ambulance to the hospital's pediatric intensive care unit after the child's grandmother called 911. The grandmother told authorities that the child had fallen off a sofa and hit a wooden coffee table, according to the arrest report.

Doctors however told authorities that the child had suffered two skull fractures, resulting in internal bleeding at two different locations. Doctors told police the evidence suggested that the two injuries occurred at two "distinctly separate times" because the injuries were at different stages of healing.

Investigators say Burke admitted to throwing the child across the room on two occasions because she was frustrated that the child wouldn't stop crying. She said the incidents occurred within a few days of each other.

Cooper was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on two counts of second-degree cruelty to a juvenile. No bond has yet been established.

Cooper's son and 13-month-old daughter are both currently in protective custody, according to the sheriff's office.

Oh, my god, what is wrong with these young women? They allow their pregnancies to go full term and then turn around and abuse their newborn babies. I'm all for sterilizing this ignorant bitch immediately and anyone else that treats a human being - their own flesh and blood - in this fashion. I never threw my child across the room because she cried! In another recent case a babysitter put a baby in the dryer because it was crying .

Screw the NAACP, People's Rights groups and anyone else that fights for the rights of these obviously ignorant, horrifically bad parents.


Chris said...

I couldn't agree more, I have e-mailed you before Judy. I unfortunately now live in TEXAS. Would you belive here if a young mother is on medicaid and tries to have herself fixed this ignorant state states get this one "They must be either 25 or have 5 kids before its allowed". UNREAL, no wonder this kind of crap continues to happen. Never Never is there an acceptable excuse.

Anonymous said...

The only reason these types keep having kids is for the public assistance. The welfare check is referred to by these types as their "paycheck". No kidding. They have the kids for the welfare money. The more kids they have, the more money they receive. I have seen such utter neglect of these children once they're too old to contain in a crib or a carseat it's heartbreaking. These types aren't parents in any sense of the word. They just want the public assistance so that they don't have to work.