Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy 2009

I've been laying low the past two weeks, spending my time catching up on things I should have been doing all along last year. Now that those menial chores are done and I've almost de-Christmased the house I can chill a little.

I haven't read too much online for the past 10 days and have only glimpsed at the news on nola dot com and time dot com. Too many bad things going on out there to dwell on.

I did read today the the good old Catholic church is unrelentless in their effort to close two small churches in New Orleans. This is one of the many reasons I am no longer a practicing Catholic.

I've eaten my share of chocolate and rich foods. It was awesome! My culinary arts student daughter and her culinary arts student fiance have fed hubby and I all week with some innovative and delicious meals. They have left for Lafayette and I just noticed that there is still chocolate mousse in the fridge.
I really can't waste it, so I'll make the supreme sacrifice and eat it tonite.

Here I sit at the start of a brand new year, one that promises to bring hard work and possibly a new career after 27 years in my present one. This year is full of opportunities and I look forward to facing them head on. Hope your 2009 is full of hope and good things.

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