Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Parcel of Scuzzbuckets

This really is nauseating. When I first moved into Slidell, almost 30 years ago, I ran across a group of KKK morons at an intersection. Being from up north, the sight of these racists made my blood boil. Then there were the David Duke years. Ugh.

Just when you think people have come up to 21st century intelligence, a story
like this shows up. It's really sick.

From the article:

a woman from Oklahoma was murdered by the leader of a local KKK group in the woods near Sun when she attempted to leave an initiation ceremony over the weekend.

...the victim was camping near Sun as part of the initiation ritual when an argument broke out between her and the group’s leader, 44-year-old Raymond “Chuck” Foster of Bogalusa....the woman asked to be brought back to town and Foster shot her once, killing her.

..in an effort to conceal the crime, several of the groups’ ...the first information on the crime came when investigators with the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office received information about a possible killing in the woods..they then called detectives with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit to alert them to a possible homicide and personnel from both agencies began a search for a crime scene, before discovering the victim’s body in a canal.

The woman’s body was located near the end of Lock 3 Road in Sun.

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St. Tammany and Washington detectives said they made telephone contact with five members of the group who were still in the woods....by that time Foster had split from the rest of the group and was alone in another area of the woods. Two other members had already returned to Bogalusa and were speaking with authorities.

Here's a shot of the brains who committed/abetted this crime


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