Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dummy of the Day

Danny Willingham of eastern Slidell.

According to WWL TV

The wife told deputies that a family acquaintance told her that on three different occasions Danny Willingham offered him $10,000 to kill his wife. Strain said that none of the offers were accepted and no attempt was ever made on the wife’s life.

The couple co-operated the now closed Blue Dog Bait Shop on Hwy. 90 near the Mississippi state line. They were in the process of getting a divorce, but their community property agreement had not yet been reached.

The couple, who had a history of fighting, were in the midst of a “contentious property settlement,” when the murder-for-hire plot unfolded, Bonnett said.

The couple frequently fought over the ownership of the bait shop as well as the couple’s home, a tugboat parked on the Pearl River behind the shop at 47611 Louisiana Highway 90 in Slidell near the Mississippi border.

Willingham is no stranger to domestic violence arrests. In January 2006, he was arrested after he locked his wife inside the bait shop and used his backhoe to push “mounds of dirt and debris” against the door, preventing her from escaping, Bonnett said.

Stuck inside, she called authorities, who eventually arrived and opened the door.

But before Willingham was handcuffed, deputies allowed him to eat a sandwich and drink a Coke inside his store to quell his diabetes. He then asked to use the restroom.

He was granted permission, but only if a deputy escorted him to the bathroom.

Willingham “didn’t like that idea,” according to police reports and said, “I might as well just (urinate) on the floor.”

With that said he unzipped his pants and used the bathroom in front of deputies. In addition to false imprisonment and battery charges, the stunt also landed him obscenity charges, Bonnett said.

In January 2008, he was also arrested on domestic violence charges, including disturbing the peace, false imprisonment and resisting arrest.

Sounds like a real piece of heaven, doesn't he?

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