Sunday, September 07, 2008

Scuzzbuckets of the Week

The low life imbeciles who left pets behind in the Houma area to survive Hurricane Gustav.

From Hurricane Katrina dot org website:
in places like Terrebonne, LaFourche and St. Mary’s Parishes have been trying to work through the system to find out information. When no information could be obtained, individuals made their way to Houma on Wednesday 9/3 and again on 9/4.

Animals found include the following:

A pitbull, crated in a garage, dead from lack of food and water
A puppy, locked in a garage, no food or water
3 pitbulls, no food, 1 no shelter, 2 in kennels, all chained
7 cats with no food outside a house, no idea how many inside
3 Catahoula dogs, loose
2 yellow laborador dogs, loose, now tied to telephone pole

Dead dog and puppy were photographed, live animals were left food and water, and neighbors were left with more food in case residents do not come back within 2 days.

I am nauseated that people would treat their pets this way. I wish there were some way to keep these numbnuts from ever owning an animal again.

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