Wednesday, September 10, 2008

help for Gustav victims

From Greg Peters' blog, links that portray who badly hit LaFouche and Terrebone Parish were by Gustav.

Some of the communities hit hardest by Hurricane Gustav are being ignored by the larger media: The United Houma Nation, the Native Americans group located in Terrebonne parish, is facing the complete destruction of several small communities, no electricity and no water in many more, and are in serious need of money and supplies. Chief Brenda Robichaux was one of the heroes of Katrina and a straight shooter. I have no doubt it hurts her and the Houmas to ask, but they’re asking.

Local blogger Karen Gadbois and a group of friends visted the Houma Nation on Saturday. check out her site to see how much wetland loss has taken place down there.

Another NOLA blogger - Maitri - was on the same trip with Karen. Here she writes about the experience.

Photos from Pointe-au-Chien post Gustav

Here are some links where you can get more info on how to help:
Gustav Relief Blog

The United Houma Nation Relief Fund
20986 Hwy. 1
Golden Meadow, LA 70357.

All of Terrebonne parish was badly hurt, as was neighboring Lafourche parish. Assumption parish will be out of power longer than Baton Rouge. Vermilion parish, flooded and battered by Rita, was hit again, while Cameron was spared this time, but still hasn’t recovered; neither has Calcasieu parish.

pictures of the affected areas in Terrebone/LaFouche are below:


Lower LaFouche Parish

Baton Rouge was pretty beat up. for details of how they're doing, check out my cyberfriend Margaret Saizan here.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is that the citizens of Houston and Galveston are mostly white... so they are the wrong color. They are being ignored by the major media because there isn't any racial overtones therefore, no good story.

Thanks for helping out all those great folks from Katrina, Houston. Too bad you don't have enough African Americans for people to care.