Friday, July 18, 2008

Ticking Time Bomb

This NOPD officer - hopefully soon to be former NOPD officer - appears to have anger issues.

According to WWL TV dot com, Ashley Terry came unglued while waiting in line
at a Treme Summer Day Camp pickup line.

From NOLA dot com:

On Tuesday afternoon, dozens of children at a community center in Treme ran inside screaming that a lady outside had a gun.

The woman - who according to several witnesses announced that she was a New Orleans police officer - had come to the Treme Community Center to pick up a 7-year-old nephew and, for reasons unknown, became enraged at the driver of the car in front of her in the pickup line, witnesses said.

Numerous witnesses said the woman relentlessly honked her car horn. As the situation escalated, she yelled expletives at the other driver and got halfway out of her car and brandished a gun, they said. At that point one of the witnesses called 911, but several people said the responding officer spoke privately with the angry woman, then said loudly as the two walked together that she should've shot a man who told her to put her gun down because children were present, witnesses said.

On a radio talk show yesterday, the widow of an NOPD officer murdered by his partner, Antoinette Frank said that Ashley Terry's behaviour reminded her of Antoinette Frank as far as the crazed bully-like personality. Frank is on deathrow for the murders of Officer Ronald Williams and a Vietnamese family in 1995.

NOPD needs a real leader.

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