Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scuzzbucket of the Week

Don't know this person's name, but stumbled across his blog via Google alerts for "gulf coast".
It's people who think like this that make the expression Sinn Fein more appropriate for
people affected by Katrina.

This mook, probably a frustrated yankee living in BFE in Wyoming, which is why he sounds so bitter, can't let it go when it comes to writing hurtful things about Katrina's legacy

The Gulf Coast is America's back 40. It's the ghetto, the slum, the sewer outfall. Nobody really knows what's going on down there, or cares, so all kinds of stories can be made up about it, and who's gonna argue?
And I'm thinking they're right. The Gulf Coast is the dark underbelly of flyover country. Say what you want about it, because nobody's gonna check up on you. We eat the fish and shrimp from it, burn the oil and gas from it, buy the products from the refineries along it, and no one protests drilling in it, so why should we pay attention to it?

nice guy, eh?

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