Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Chris Rose writes about a recent trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in his latest article.

The social and familial bonds that link places like Biloxi and Pass Christian to New Orleans have always struck me as some of the most symbiotic and even romantic interstate relationships that exist in our country.

Sure, the place still looks like hell. My daughter, who has seen some pretty rough stuff around New Orleans the past two years, summed it up succinctly. "Daddy," she said. "This place really got destroyed."

Indeed, where once-glorious mansions stood there are now mostly just tangles of overgrowth.

There's not a lot to warm the heart, even though a few brave souls have built houses atop towering beams.

I took Highway 90 from Bay St. Louis to Biloxi last weekend to pick up my daughter at the airport (sooo much better than Moisant to get to). Aside from the casinos,
there is very little being built in some places. It still resembles this picture, taken last year

I was also reminded of my 'Art from Destruction' post when I saw the beautiful carvings made from live oaks that were killed by Katrina

They're coming back, but it'll take time.

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