Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ahh...summer vacation

We spent four days last week (the middle of July, mind you) on the shores of beautiful Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville Louisiana. It truely is beautiful, but I believe I'd enjoy it much better in November. It was ungodly hot!!!

I'd say it was a bargain at $90/night.....a lot cheaper than some stinky hotel rooms in some unknown city between here and Maine (where we were supposed to go before the demons that run the oil business got super greedy). So without further ado, here are pictures of those very comfy cabins and our experiences:

click on photos for full-sized versions

We stayed in Cabin #9 of 12 cabins

The cabins are staggered, so that your views are varied but not obstructed by other cabins

The kitchen accomodates people who enjoy cooking - with more room than my own kitchen.

Nice dining room furniture for those who use it......we usually end up using ours as a place to drop our stuff. The floors are stamped concrete which are nice an cool underfoot.

The living room is very comfortable, with a fold out sofa and a love seat and a great tv.....BUT, for those of you with kids and particular TV watching habits....they only have direct tv basic...(no food TV, sniff)

Very comfy master bedroom. I'm sad that it was too warm to not have the windows open to hear the surf,

The guest room can sleep four kids or more...there are four bunkbeds.

Both bedrooms were connected by a screened-in porch with two rockers. Here's a shot I took when I mistakenly locked myself on the porch and knocked for five or so minutes, hoping to alert hubby or my daughter.

The four days we spent there were very calming for us. We lazed around, canoed, rode bikes and watch "the deadliest catch" forever (the only thing we got that interested us, lol.)

It was good to be away. The last morning we were there, I looked outside to see a beautiful rainbow on the lake.

And if nothing else, our trip there allowed my beautiful husband, with a heart for nature to capture this fantastic picture of a "cayenne dragon fly". The first he's seen in his life. It was truely a beautiful afternoon.

So if OPEC steals your vacation this year, push back at those fucktards and take a local vacation. There's a lot of beauty around us which we need to focus on. Katrina has taught me that much.


dillyberto said...

Is this at Fontainebleau State Park where you took a beautiful holiday?

judyb54 said...

Ideed it was. I recommend them highly.

here's the link for more info.