Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another Scuzzbucket

From the great state of Illinois comes this "intellectual" editorial

Despite more than $22 million in repairs, a levee that broke with catastrophic effect during Hurricane Katrina is leaking again because of the mushy ground on which New Orleans was built, raising serious questions about the reliability of the city’s flood defenses.

So began an AP story Thursday about that sad, swampy city to our south. It begs the question: Why in the world should Uncle Sam spend billions rebuilding New Orleans?

Here’s a city that sat largely below sea level, between a big lake and a mighty river, not far from the ocean and in the middle of Hurricane Alley.

It’s a miracle that it survived as long as it did. Its destruction was inevitable. To rebuild the low-lying portions would be worse than foolish. It would set the residents up for another tragedy and more loss of life.

The Federal Government could better spend our billions helping former New Orleans residents get on with their lives — somewhere on high ground.

Levees and flood walls are not reliable protection when mother nature is on a rampage. We learned that in St. Louis in 1993.

But, Mr. Gallagher, St. Louis and all affected areas were repaired following the '93 floods, were they not? You pompous midwestern ass.

I am damn tired of this type of thinking. These self-appointed pundits have all the answers, don't they?

I'm happy so see that many NOLA bloggers have commented with great intelligence on this moron's editorial.

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Anita said...

I'm with you. I'm sick and tired of this entire line of thought. Blah.