Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FEMA just keeps on giving....

Sure to be one of the

worst president ever's top ten screw-ups is the lack of direction, compassion and intelligence in the handling of the aftermath of Katrina.

Under his "rule", FEMA proved to be inept to say the least.
We've all heard about the FEMA trailer formdaldehyde fiasco.
It gets better...... from this link:
Well, for those of you who have written off Katrina as yesterday's news, listen to this, the bush admin's deregulation mantra, their total lack of concern for consumer safety, their disregard for human health, their disdain for scientific data, will be appearing in a trailer park near you. These same manufacturers who were supported by government largess, these same manufactures of the trailers designed for the victims of Katrina, have been selling their products to regular consumers. ...... This was the excuse given by FEMA administrator R. David Paulison,

the guy responsible for the trailer boondoggle; that it wasn't just lack of FEMA standards, but it was do to lack of industry standards -  "this is bigger than FEMA"...Thanks to the bush administration

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