Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More on bridges

Although it's been open a few months now, I'm finally getting around to posting about the opening of the new Rigolets Bridge.

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The old bridge - built in 1930 - was very narrow and I used to hold my breath as I crossed it until I got used to it. This bridge was not damaged by Katrina (like its cousin, the Highway 11 Bridge to the west).

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There is a wonderful view from the top of the new bridge, absolutely stunning!

About ten miles to the south is the Chef Pass Bridge, built in 1929.

The Chef Pass Bridge was closed for about a year after Katrina due to issues with soil erosion.

This bridge takes one into the community of Venetian Isles in far east New Orleans.

Another bridge on the road to completion is the I10 Twin Spans.
Decimated by Katrina, the new spans were begun in July 2006. The new westbound span is scheduled to open in 2009 with the eastbound span to follow in 2011. The old bridges will then be dismantled.

This view was taken from Highway 11 as it crosses I-10.

Taken last month (March '08), this photo shows the progress being made.

This shot shows how much higher the eastbound span will be from the current bridge

Another bridge being constructed in this area will serve people and horses. It's the long-awaited bridge that crosses Bayou Lacombe on the Tammany Trace. It will be 80 feet long with an eight foot wide pedestrian walkway.

Once this span is complete, the Tammany Trace will offer 36 miles of bike path thru the backroads of St. Tammany Parish. From Slidell to downtown Covingtonm each leg of the trip provides a unique experience far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Bayou Liberty is also getting a new bridge. With a price tag of $6.8 million dollars the bridge will take the place of one that's been in use for many many decades.

Here's a great you tube video on the construction.

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