Monday, April 21, 2008

monday evening rant

I'm pissed off about a bunch of things tonite. In memory of Ashley Morris, I will try to let off steam

Photo from Humid Haney's Dirty Coast, where you can buy the sticker

Big Oil:

thanks for taking away my vacation this year. I'll be "a tourist in my own backyard", which may turn out for the better. Virginia IS too far to drive, isn't it?

George Bush:

You fucktard. There's too much I want to rant about you. You suck.

Upper Mississippi Valley:

thanks for the shit you've sent downriver to us.

My immediate future

To those 20 protesters on Poydras this morning

Get a job, you spoiled little shits!

to the pimple faced piece of crap kid in N.C. planning to blow up your classmates

to American Idol bimbo

to the folks who agreed to those stupid balloon mortgages


Your website is so bad, so slow, so much behind high school websites. Hire some
real techies to help you become the news website this area needs.


you are a shrew who can't even control your own husband. Why should I ask you to run my country, bi-atch?

there's more, but I need to go eat dinner.

bedtime is 9pm for those of us up at 4.

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