Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ashley Morris

I can't believe this

I'm numb, shocked, saddened

I never met Ashley in person, but feel as if I knew him. What a loss.

My prayers go out for his wife and three small children. Greg Peters created this montage. Have a kleenex ready. The music in the background is Warren Zevon, one of Ashley's musical heroes.

Although not a native, Ashley loved New Orleans with the ferocity of a native. He was a champion of recovery and gawd help anyone who got in it's way.

New Orleans Councilwoman Shelley Midura eloquently eulogized Ashley in Thursday's session

Tim of the Nameless blog remembers Ashley's generosity

Lisa at The Garden of Irks and Delights writes beautifully about Ashley's spirit.

Humid Haney has a video interview with Ashley and Your Right Hand Thief's Oyster here regarding blogging and how the two got into it.

Greg Peters mirrors the mindset of the NOLA blogosphere

Nancy Nall retells of her years of correspondence with Ashley and provides links to some of his classic FYYFF posts

At this link you can listen to Ashley read his FYYFF post. Wonderful stuff

Scout Prime discusses his fanatical love of the Saints

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