Monday, March 03, 2008

A window to the soul of America

From the website Food Music Justice dot com

To me, there is no story more pressing
than New Orleans - what happened there,
and what hasn't happened.

In a way, it's a window on the soul
of America.

On the one hand we see an unspeakably
corrupt administration. On the other hand courage and generosity that restores one's faith in human nature.

New Orleans in spite of being 80% destroyed by the failure of the federal levee system is coming back strong.

Strong enough to host the NBA All-Star game, to stage over thirty large scale parades during Mardi Gras, to operate its schools, hospitals, roads, hotels and restaurants.
The music is back and the incomparable food and culture.

All without the help of the federal government which promised so much and has done so little
- and done so much harm.

Three short videos that tell the story:

1. A short art piece which conveys the pain of losing one's home whether in New Orleans or Bagdhad.

2. A rare and little seen video that captured what it means when a levee fails: "From street to roof in three minutes"

3. A vivid recap of how thoroughly the city and its people were abandoned by the government whose job it was to help.

Click here to see the three videos

Thanks to Ken McCarthy of New York for keeping the word out

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