Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Buras: K plus 30

Photo courtesy of Patrisha Walker
Thirty months post Katrina and the little town of Buras finally has a watertower again.
Some may recall that Buras was the first to feel the storm's power in the Gulf south region

Photo courtesy of Weatherunderground dot com

In May of last year, I blogged about how very, very slowly the recovery was going on down there. What may not seem like a big deal to those living outside of Plaquemine Parish, something as big as the watertower IS important news when you've seen everything you knew washed away

Here's a link to a website of a Buras resident. She says Today, it is shining in the afternoon sun; the golden tower overlooks our new lives post-Katrina. In Buras there is still enormous evidence of the destruction of Aug 29th, 2005. But, there also is enormous evidence of repair and growth. Many, many are coming home to South Plaquemines. In one single morning my husband counted 4 double-wide trailers pass on highway 23 headed south. Plenty are actually building homes. And I do see growth in Buras.

It is good to be home and to have a water-tower!

Her section of town still doesn't have telephone or internet service. They may get it by the end of this month.

Last August, Charles Anderson visited Buras. In his article "Forgotton but Not Gone" he recalls being welcomed into Plaquemine parish:....a burly fisherman approaches me, reaching out one of his beefy hands..."Welcome to the bottom of the world," he booms in a playful, yet gruff voice. "Nobody comes down here. The money stops at the parish line. The government thinks we're not important enough, but we're staying."

Yeah, Forgotton but not gone. That's Buras, Louisiana. Bless them all!!!!


Tim said...

Thank you for the Buras update. I have not been down there for about a year, so I'm glad to hear they are making progress. These are hearty people, down, but never out. Quintessential Americans!



Flea said...

Wow. I grew up in Buras. It's good to see the tower up. Thank you.