Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scuzzbucket of the Week

Ray Nagin.....great example to kids everywhere on how to handle firearms.



The Times Picayune, who are making a "big joke" out of it What's wrong with these people?


Varg is "blogless"


Pistolette asks Why is it that people can drone on for hours about the "serious repercussions" of David Vitter getting some illicit nookie, but turn the other way with a "c'est la vie" smirk while Ray Nagin destroys us?

Suspect Devices offers his usual witty reaction

Maitri mirrors a lot of people's feeling about Mr. Nagin

Humid Haney rants....

More from WDSU, showing a video from where the picture was taken.

Update February 15th The TP apologizes for showing the picture out of context.

It still does not change my opinion on the wackjob in charge of New Orleans. Still a scuzzbucket.

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