Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Katrina continues to affect lives

Katrina continues to affect lives; media needs to acknowledge this

From an editorial from a Tennessee paper last week, an excerpt:

Now there's no use in beating a dead horse. But then again, you can't really ignore the elephant in the room either. Animal clich├ęs aside, lack of media coverage of the Katrina aftermath is hurting recovery, because no one really knows how bad it is or how to help.

We, as mass media consumers, never got answers to the questions posed in news coverage. The matter was simply washed away.

The irony of this is we, as an editorial board of a newspaper, are complaining about lack of media coverage. Then again, it should be noted that we try to do the best we can, but just simply cannot afford the high-tech and in-depth coverage. But you, the reader, probably already knew that.

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