Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Post K Mental Health blog

Some people may be familiar with Josh Norman thru the
"Eye of the Storm" blog which he co-authored from Mississippi
following Katrina's landfall there.

Joshua has awarded the fellowship through the Kaiser Family Foundation to explore ways in which disasters affect people mentally, specifically the way Hurricane Katrina affected people on the Gulf Coast.

The new blog, called Post Katrina Mental Health

In one of his first posts, Josh tries to answer the question
What is a Katrina Victim
?. Here's a little piece of that post

There are certain story lines that many people seem to have followed, with only the details differing.
One story I keep hearing over and over again is this one: "My (parent, grandparent, elderly relative, etc.)
was doing fine before Katrina. They survived the storm. However, upon returning to their home in (the Pass, the Lower 9, the Kiln, Gentilly, etc.)
afterwards, their health started to deteriorate. They stopped (eating, sleeping, smiling, communicating, etc.) Eventually, they died.


mhelvin said...

Stories of families trying to clean up homes damaged from Hurricane Katrina are by now familiar.

Our house suffered some Katrina-related damage. "We got the wind that tore the upstairs part up,". "All the sheetrock fell down on the stove in the kitchen. The gutters come off. I'm tryin' to get it fixed now so I can live in it."

Drug Alcohol Rehab Administrator
Katrina Victim (still in recovery) "financially"

Anonymous said...

Katrina ur story made me to shiver.
i was so excited with this.those who are mentally affected should read this story for their life.Thanks for you!

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Atun said...

Psychiatrist Dr. Anwant Chawla — who works at the two main local hospitals, Slidell Memorial Hospital and North Shore Regional Memorial Hospital, neither of which sustained serious storm damage – said he has seen a 50 percent increase in cases of psychological problems related to Hurricane Katrina and now has twice as many patients as he did before the storm.
Mike lou

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