Friday, December 21, 2007

Views from the Front Line

Regarding all of the press coverage the media is giving the issue of demolition of four New Orleans housing developments:

A local blogger provides a map of the REDEVELOPMENT plans for Lafitte

This resident of St. Bernard Housing Development at yesterday's protest

TP Photo by Mike DeMocker
Seen here in her Section 8 housing

TP Photo by Ted Jackson
From a New Orleans blogger On the other hand, few people would trust the views of Sharon Jasper who seems to be arguing for why she should be allowed to return to the St. Bernard development because she can’t afford the deposit and utility bills in her Section 8 property. She could probably make a down payment on a modest house with that 60 inch television in her living room.

There's some great writing and comments about this issue at YRHT

The Chicory hits the nail on the head with this comment am assuming the photo was meant to suggest that many people view public housing units as eyesores and fail to realize within them are communities and homes. What I took from it is an amazement that anyone would consider such places homes. What the sign says to me is public housing is a failure. The moment someone considers the government to be their caretaker is the moment they have lost their sense of worth. I am open to debate on this. But I will need an answer as to why the entire anti-demolition movement isn’t being geared toward educating and empowering the displaced residents rather than getting them back into the situation (dependent on the government) that has impoverished them for decades?

An under-the-weather Adrastos gives his feelings on the
debacle at city hall yesterday:

In spite of all the lofty and moralistic rhetoric, this episode brought out the worst in everyone. Of course, cant and posturing always seems to do that. I'm inclined to think (wishfully?) that the most violent moments were initiated by non-locals. Why? New Orleans is a violent place but like good Mediterraneans, NOLA violence is usually *personal* and not political. And thank God or whatever for that. Council meetings here feature a lot of screaming and posturing but not much punching until today, that is.

New Orleans Nation blogspot gives a first-hand account of the melee at City Hall

Here's another first-hand report from Dangerblond.

Celcus opines have many thoughts I could offer, and I’ve posted a few comments around, but there really isn’t much point. We’ve reached the point where the whole issue has been neatly packaged into two positions which are equally divorced from reality. Any vocalization of any opinion outside of the orthodoxy of the extremes is usually taken to mean one supports of the other of those extremes.

Some news media are claiming that innocent, peace loving people were cruelly
tasered and maced during the demonstration. Here's a pic of rapper Sess 4-5 from the 9th Ward. He isn't looking too peace loving to me

And these folks don't look to peace loving either

These lilly white girls are probably not residents of the projects in question.

photos by Ted Jackson of the TP

More non residents getting what they asked for

Some of these young protesters are probably members of the left wing World Can't Wait Organization . Just my personal opinion.

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