Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scuzzbucket of the week

I was reading the article at nola dot com about the two bodies which were discovered a few miles apart on Interstate 12 in western St. Tammany Parish. The victims were of Hispanic descent. After reading the article, I stumbled into the 'comments' section where this einstein posted

I find it interesting how things have changed since the large influx of non-locals to St. Tammany. You may call me a racist or a bigot, but it is a FACT of life in our society that these people are bringing violence and crime to our area. It is crimes like these that I thought only occured in the East (New York/New Jersey) and West (California/Arizona) of our nation. It is a shame that we cannot preserve our community and heritage since Katrina. There are so many out here that complain about who we were and how we need to keep South Louisiana as she was, but there is little action. We really need to get out act together, stop arguing over who lives where and just make sure that our community does not implode before we have time to rebuild.

What a pinhead idiot this person is.

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