Friday, December 07, 2007

Post Katrina Mental Health

Man jumps from highrise.

A little over 27 months post Katrina. People still living in those formaldehyde ridden trailers while FEMA - in typical fashion - drags its feet.

Fifty thousand Kids are still suffering all across the Gulf Coast due to the storm.

The mayor of New Orleans is suffering a mental breakdown in public.

People are still fighting the damn insurance bastards

The holiday season brings depression for a lot of people. This, the third holiday season since the storm feels like it's not going to be any better than the last two.

Thanks, Katrina


steve said...

Well Katrina i totally agree with your thinking you will not believe 1 out of 4 forum speaks about mental health and disorders. That is seriously a Mental depression for those kids there in Gulf coasts.

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neal said...

An online service to help individuals affected by Hurricane Katrina work with their health professionals to gain access to their own.Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Protect our Health and Safety After a Hurricane or Flood.As part of the Kaiser Family Foundation's commitment to help respond to the devastation from Hurricane Katrina.


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rosesmith said...

Katrina your thoughts all are really appreciated. But do you think that all forums speaks about the same topic.. I really think so.

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henric6116 said...

Yes JUDYB you are hitting the nail. I hope something is urgently done for the sufferers of mishap.

Anonymous said...

well katrina damages lot of in the people living inside the coastal area. They are seriously sick mentally and physically both by katrina attack.




rockey said...

We come to know about those people, who are living around the sea coast. They always face natural disaster so they have a terror in their mind because of this they suffer with mental problems.