Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Native Son Returns

New Orleans will soon be welcoming home a New Orleans native and his wife.

Jeff St. Romain is leaving his post as president of Volunteers of America in Salt Lake City to return to his native New Orleans.
From A Utah news article
St. Romain said he and his wife, Kathy, have felt called to return to their hometown since Hurricane Katrina, which displaced thousands of people, including dozens of their relatives.
"Ever since Katrina hit, both my wife and I have really been pulled by what our family has gone through . . . and what the community went through," he said. "We had feeling we wanted to do something."
St. Romain will become vice president of administration and planning at the VOA office covering greater New Orleans.
Kathy St. Romain, now an operating room nurse at University Hospital, plans to seek a similar position amidst what St. Romain describes as a "desperate" need for nurses in New Orleans.

Good news for New Orleans!

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