Thursday, November 08, 2007

H.C. Jr's Lincoln commercial


from the Dave Walker's
column in the Times Picayune

Originally aired during the Saints' Sunday night football game on October 14th,
the spot, which puts Harry Connick Jr. behind the wheel of an MKX-propelled tour of town that eventually winds its way to the Musicians Village in the 9th Ward, made its national debut early in the Oct. 14 "Sunday Night Football" broadcast featuring the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks.
The ad begins on the Crescent City Connection, with Connick explaining that was his route back into the city in the darkest days after the storm.

A spin to Bourbon Street allows the musician to explain that's where he played his first gig.

St. Louis Cathedral, he then says, is where he was married.

From there, it's on to Lakeview and the now-vacant lot that once held the home in which Connick grew up.

Noting that before that moment, he hadn't seen the lot without the flood-ruined house still on it, a resigned Connick says, "That's that part of my life."

The commercial concludes with Connick's arrival at the Musicians Village (a Habitat for Humanity project conceived by Connick and fellow musician Branford Marsalis), delivering tubs of crawfish for a party from the back of his cool ride.

My dream is to get the good times rolling again in my hometown, he says.

The commercial is the latest installment in a series of Lincoln commercials the car company calls "Dreams."


MeHarmony said...

just curious if you don't feel that this Lincoln ad is a little exploitative. I mean c'mon, they're selling cars here, not raising awareness.

judyb said...

Well, yeah....that's their business- selling cars. IMHO the ad does raise awareness to those who are open to it.