Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting it

I am not a resident of New Orleans, but I love the city as if it were my home town.

Chris Rose , in his latest column explains one of the thousand reasons that the city is so loved by its inhabitants:

A place where the glass is neither half full nor half empty and, in fact, is not even a glass but a plastic cup, a trinket most likely made in China and of no monetary value whatsoever but it's got some words or a drawing on the side that remind you of something good, some perfect time and place, something vivid and specific, a night with strangers and friends, and that cup sits on your desk or your mantle alongside your most cherished possessions.

Craig Giesecke, over at Metroblogging
explains the simple pleasures of New Orleans

My daughter's in town. During last night's light rain, we went for coffee at the Cafe du Monde and then for a sazerac over at Tujague's. In between, we walked around (deserted) Jackson Square and stuck our heads into the Cafe Pontalba. A rainy night is my favorite time in the French Quarter, for some reason, and we just walked around tallking and laughing and window-shopping. We did, basically, nothing. Our total expenses were less than $12. It was delightful.

Yeah, you right.


swampwoman said...

You ARE a resident of New Orleans, and you reside in part of the Metropolitan New Orleans Area. New Orleans is not bound by the lake, the river, the 17th Street canal or St. Bernard Parish, it is boundless.

New Orleans lives within everyone that fans the fires of its soul - a soul that cannot be confined within city limits. Those that actually live within the city proper might dispute this, but a metropolis such as New Orleans needs everyone it can get, everyone that loves it, loves and hates it, to keep it breathing and alive.

judyb said...

Thank you! What a great attitude.