Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A 30 Foot Tall Thanks

A project conceived by a resident of Diamondhead, Mississippi, The Hurricane Katrina Volunteer Memorial is currently underway. From the October issue of New Orleans Magazine

Expressions of gratitude to the many thousands of volunteers who flocked to the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have ranged from teary embraces to thank you dinners and official presentations. .....the project is planned for the highway welcome center on the Louisiana-Mississippi border....The Mississippi legislature has authorized the use of a portion of the I-10 Welcome Center in Hancock County.

Plans for the memorial come as the region has begun assessing just how valuable the goodwill of volunteers has been to the long recovery.

The Corporation for National and Community Service reports that more than 550,000 Americans participated in the volunteer effort in the first year after Katrina and that approximately 600,000 came during the second year. Together these 1.1 million people have performed some 14 million hours of volunteer work.

What an awesome idea. If you're interested in making a donation as a way of thanking the thousands - no MILLIONS - of volunteers, go to Katrina Volunteers Memorial Fountain website .
Their motto:
When we were down, They were there for Us.
Help us say Thank You

The fountain sounds interesting

the focal point of the memorial fountain will be a wave shaped obelisk standing 30 feet tall to symbolize the towering storm surge that hit parts of the Gulf Coast. A long granite wall in front of the fountain will mount bronze plaques describing the disaster and the dedication of volunteers and listing of the donors who contribute to funding the project, as well as the names of all the communities across the Gulf Coast affected by Katrina

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