Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Depression is still running rampant in the Gulf Coast area

two years post Katrina as evidenced by this post over at metblogs

The causes of PKD are numerous.

Daily murders

Self proclaimed " intellects " making themselves feel taller by dissing the city using unfounded facts and close-minded opinions

The local paper that can't seem to focus on the important things

Wacked out "leaders"

Politicians using this area to win hearts and votes
when we all know that whomever gets elected will probably put the restoration of this area down low on their list of priorities.

The Road Home

Dealing with cold-hearted insurance companies

The dark hearts of some people whose opinions of this area really hurt despite the fact that they are uneducated.

Things that haven't changed in two years

Ernie the attorney describes the fight to stay sane:
So every day I wake up, move slowly away from my bed and try to find the right frame of mind. Some days I catch the wave just right, and everything is pretty good. Some days I have trouble getting any kind of balance. But every day I try to start out by breathing slowly and peacefully. You'd think that, by now, it'd be easy but it's not. It's hard and it's boring and I hate it because my mind wanders and I can't keep my focus no matter how hard I try


dillyberto said...

Not to take away from the attention given to New York and New Jersey on Sept 11, I think we are "just getting by." Most folk around here are fragile.

There is not much support emotionally, except Our New Orleans Saints.

Varg said...

I'm staying sane but just need something to get to sleep at night.