Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Pair of Scuzzbuckets

2 West Coast wackos - radio show hosts Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan - have this opinion of New Orleans

"I love New Orleans. ... I had some very happy times there," ....... "Save New Orleans? For what?" ..... "Now they got the
French Quarter up and running again. OK, fine. It's a theme park,
but that's what it's been for years anyway. The rest of it's a sewer."

Did you know that parts of New Orleans where some these silly
people are trying to rebuild houses are 14 feet below sea level
and sinking by another inch every year? And nothing has been done,
really, that would prevent another Katrina. Nothing. Now, where in
God's name is the logic about trying to rebuild a city in a location
like that? Let's do the logical thing: blame the French, who built it
there in the first place, just say it's another piece of French
stupidity, and move on. You know, keep the parts of New Orleans
that are above sea level, or at least closer to sea level, as a
theme park, which is really what it's been to a lot of people
for many years anyway. It's a theme park with booze
-- the French Quarter --"

Co-host Melanie Morgan responded by asserting:
"[T]hey're trying to fix the unfixable in the
rest of the city and in the mean time every politician
in the country is pandering, spending billions of dollars
and putting it in what? A rat hole."

Here's the link to the article

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Anonymous said...

Whatever was built by the stupid French is (or was at least) above sea level.

Tommy Schibli
Berne (Switzerland)