Thursday, August 09, 2007

The madness never ends in NOLA city Gov't

The Wall Street Journal ran this multimedia page that accompanies an article about the rampant ineptitude of Ray Nagin's administration.
(You can't read the whole article unless you're a WSJ subscriber, but Kim has the article here.)

City officials, trying to step up the struggling city’s comeback, have said they plan to flatten 10,000 hurricane-ravaged properties this year.

But the bulging list of doomed buildings includes some that weren’t damaged much by Katrina or that have already been significantly repaired — with building permits to prove it. Often, these property owners don’t even know they’re on the demolition list, because warning letters that are supposed to be mailed to them never arrive.

Thanks to the Library Chronicles for the heads up.

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barbawit said...

sounds like somebody owes IdaBelle a house.