Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gulf Coast - 2 years later

A few weeks ago we travelled to Gulfport-Biloxi to check out their recovery from Katrina. We hadn't been there since July 2005 and heard about the devastation that the storm visited upon them. Here are some pictures to document their efforts.

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Besides the casinos, not much else is open.

Inside the gutted Mississippi Sound Historical Museux are life jackets probably last used two years ago.

Outside the building sits the steeple to the Gulfport Presbytarian Church, waiting to be placed upon the rebuilt church.

Edgewater Mall made it thru the storm despite its proximity to the Gulf.

The S.S. Camille. In April I posted about the the fate of this old boat requiring it to be moved but it's still where Katrina left it.
Here's a link to the Camille in better days

Here's the Olive Garden we'd visit every time we came to the coast. All that's left is the sign.

Along the beaches in Waveland/Bay St. Louis are these signs

Bay St. Louis constructed this pier and ferry landing before the Bay Bridge reopened.

The Bay Bridge is still under construction, but it's open to traffic.

These new condos are on Hwy 90 at the foot of the Bay Bridge.

We stopped for a late lunch in Bay St. Louis.
If you ever get hungry while travelling thru Bay St. Louis, I recommend Rickey's Restaurant. The food is delicious and they portions are generous.

The last leg of our trip brought us thru picturesque Pass Christian, Mississippi, where there seems to be a lot going on.

The Blue Rose has been repaired and is for sale.

Another beautiful home restored.

I think this little building was once part of Bourdin Construction.

Here's a link to photos taken in Pass Christian on September 5, 2005.

A friend told me that it would take a good five years for things to be back to where they were before the storm. By the looks of things on the coast, she's right.

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