Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still not OKAY

For the next few weeks I'll be posting pictures that depict where some of the Gulf South is coming up on Katrina plus two years. Because the city of New Orleans gets plenty of coverage via the New Orleans bloggers , I'll concentrate on lesser known areas.

Today I've got pictures taken on August 10, 2007 in the Venetian Isles and Lake Catherine areas just east of New Orleans. This may be a first of several posts of this area, as hubby and I are voracious photographers.
(click on pictures for full-sized versions)

We took LA434 into Lake Catherine to witness the status of the new Rigolets Bridge.

A lot wider than the current span, I look forward to its opening!

After nearly two years, the debris pickup in Lake Catherine is in full swing.

I've been seeing this boat along side Hwy 90 forever.

The construction activity in this area is on the upswing, too.

Other places sit silently, awaiting insurance settlements or new buyers.

This boat has caught our eye for some time now, so we decided to check it out

We saw the name "Mary W" in the rusted metal.

All of the properties surrounding this lonely boat look like this

What's left of the home of the Mary W's owners. Pretty sad, huh?

Further down Hwy 90, closer to Venetian Isles is the church where Father Ginart, better known as Father Red lost his life.

Over the Chef Pass Bridge is Ft. Macomb and the newly demolished boat launch.

Quite a difference from what we saw in March of this year.
The Lake Catherine Community Center still sits silently by the bridge.

They're FINALLY demolishing the firehouse in Venetian Isles, which looked like this for the longest time

So there's a little piece of the "progress" made in this area in two years Post K.
Contrary to popular belief, people down here are not sitting around whining with their hands out. They're living in FEMA trailers and working their fingers to the bone trying to find some sort of normalcy.

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