Saturday, August 18, 2007


Local bloggers are talking about the storm heading for the Gulf named Dean

gives her views on the available weather information services available. I agree with her on the sensationalist Weather Channel clowns.

Slate lets her loved ones know that they're staying put.

Ray has a link to a much different path for Hurricane Dean then others that I've seen.

From b.rox blog, a link to a blogger in Dominica expressing her fear of Dean

md filter is concerned on this Saturday morning about Dean slowing down

Suspect device mirrors my feelings about the whole world of our August weather.

Craig over at Metroblogging talks about the various forecast models and wonders if Harrah's should be taking bets on them.

Matt over at Blogging New Orleans provides a link to "a website that offers a constantly updated satellite stream of the Atlantic, and shows with great clarity the development of Dean from a cloud system off the coast of Africa to the bruiser it has become."

Nope, I don't like the fact that there's a storm coming towards the Gulf, but that's part of living here. I accept that threat as I accept the killer humidity that comes with August.

Our hurricane provisions are amassed and we've got the cat carriers for the five cats ready. I'll make a decision to make hotel reservations by Monday if Dean heads this way. But let's hope we can stay put and pray for whomever is destined to experience the wrath of nature.

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