Monday, August 06, 2007

browsing my favorite blogs, I found some interesting things to share:

From the Dead Pelican the story of
the continuation of nonexistant communication and the pain it causes.

FEMA and the city of NOLA mistakenly tear down a home

The last call I made yesterday, they told me FEMA did it. Then, a guy called me back from FEMA and said they're not in the business if tearing down homes,"

arrests have been made in the quadruple murder that happened last year.

Varg over at The Chicory tells a humorous but sad tale of the state of the city

Ashley posted an excerpt from Michael Irvin's Hall of Fame enshrinement speech in which Irvin related his feelings about the Saints' game on September 25, 2007. He gets it.

This house in eastern Slidell has finally been torn down. Nearly two years after the storm, demolitions have at last come!


Simon Jones said...

It certainly is a long road to rebuild and repair everything isn't it. One that is extremely difficult fot people who haven't seen the destruction first hand to understand.

Here's some random good wishes from England then. And a random comment on your blog to say 'nice job' on finding interesting Katrina stories.

judyb said...

Thanks for the nice words, Simon.

Stay tuned for continuing status of our recovery. It is a very slow process to say the least!