Sunday, July 01, 2007

Jefferson Parish

Jefferson Parish has decided that it does not want to allow taco trucks in their jurisdiction

While I am all for cleanliness and safety of a food service business, a look at the TP slideshow shows me that the taco trucks appear much cleaner than some Burger Kings I've been in recently.

It appears that these Spanish Meals-on-Wheels are not unique to the Post-Katrina NOLA area. Here are some examples

Seattle, Washington

Another one in Seattle

San Francisco, California

Denver, Colorado

Austin, Texas


Yuma Arizona

Houston, Texas

Salinas California
is having an issue similar to Jeff Parish, in that it's trying to ban them in their area.

Discrimination? I don't know.
But if these vendors are Americans, they deserve the opportunity to start a new business, regardless of their ethnicity.

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