Thursday, June 14, 2007

take that!!!!

Poppy Brite does what she does best in response to someone who wonders " ....when they're just going to give up, admit they're not going to rebuild, and raze what's left. Stop stringing these poor people along, let them start over someplace else."

I don't have to be polite in my own journal ... so fuck you. Fuck you sideways with a chainsaw. While it's certainly true that we are being strung along in any number of ways, I don't need your sympathy because I live in New Orleans any more than I need your contempt because I've chosen to stay. I am damn lucky to be here. There are still thousands of people hurting because they can't come back to New Orleans. This is my home, and their hearts' home, and it's still one of the most beautiful, interesting places on earth. Still, I guess we're even, because when I looked at your profile and saw where you live, I pitied you. It's actually kind of funny how often members of the "those New Orleanians are so stupid" crowd seem to inhabit some festering armpit that you couldn't pay me enough to spend a fortnight in.

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